Blind Adrenaline terms and conditions


 Welcome to BA, we’re glad to have you.


**1. Overview**

Our online poker community is committed to providing a respectful and welcoming environment for all players. This commitment extends to all interactions on our platform, including player chat, messages, and any form of communication facilitated by our services.


                **2. Prohibited Language and Behavior**

To uphold these values, the following language and behavior are strictly prohibited on our platform:

- **Abusive or Threatening Language**: Any language or behavior that can be perceived as threatening, harassing, or abusive towards other players or staff is not tolerated.

- **Discriminatory Comments**: Comments or language that discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, et cetera are strictly forbidden.

- **Other Offensive Language**: This includes but is not limited to comments that are defamatory, hateful, or excessively vulgar.


**3. Enforcement and Consequences**

- **Monitoring**: Communications on our platform may be reviewed to ensure compliance with these policies.

- **Consequences of Violations**: Violating these guidelines may result in actions taken against the offending player’s account. These actions can range from warnings to temporary suspensions, or, in severe or repeated cases, permanent bans from our platform.

- **Reporting Mechanism**: Players are encouraged to report any instances of prohibited language or behavior to our staff for review.


**4. Amendments to the terms and conditions**

These policies may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our community standards or legal requirements. Players are responsible for staying informed about our current policies.

Overall, be reasonable and respectful. We have a great community of folks here, it is the strength of BA, please help keep it that way.


Lottery betting policy


 Aggressive betting is part of hold em, any experienced player knows this, but some folks enjoymaking what we call lottery bets. These are bets that are just completely over the top and aren’t a part of playing skillful, realistic poker.

 This is obviously subjective to some degree, but when the pot is $300, and you bet 20k pre flop, you are making a lottery bet.

   Given the subjectivity involved, the litmus test is if you are causing multiple players to not want to play at our site due to unrealistic over the top betting.

, therefore, if administration gets 3 unique complaints about a player making lottery bets on a non lottery table, that player will get a warning, and lose their privileges to play in tournaments and sags for a month.

  If the lottery bets continue, the player will be suspended for a month.

 A lottery table is  a cash table that has the word lottery in the title. No other table qualifies.

 This hopefully will not be a problem going forward. The vast majority of our players know what realistic poker is, and they realize that playing lottery style with players that don’t like risking massive amounts of chips on a coin flip is bad for the site.

 This has caused us to lose players, there is no doubt about it, so please be a respectful member of our site and keep the lottery betting to the lottery tables only.

One last note on this: for those that aren't into lottery style games, be pro active and make your own non lottery cash tables, it takes less than 20 seconds to make your own table, and here's a tip: make the table, then write a chat message that those that join will see like this table will start at 10 AM eastern, post it to the hold em list,  go make yourself some coffee or a whiskey , and bada bing, at 10, you're ready to go, the more heads up time before the table starts, the better.