††††††††† Instructions for Hold em


These instructions are a quick guide to get you started.

The last heading on the page has the quick keyboard reference


Weíll be meeting on Team Talk when testing, so please come to the Team Talk room on the BA server when were running a game:

Here is a link to the .tt file, which you can simply run if you already have team talk installed and it will put you right inside the poker room on the BA team talk server.


BA Team Talk login file


To play on the new BA site, you will need to register an account first at:

Blind Adrenaline


At this point, only players that are recommended by other players are being approved for membership.

Once that is done, you can log into the site and then go to the games page to see the list of active tables, or to create your own.


Important, turning off the virtual cursor

Since Blind Adrenaline is web based now, you will need to turn off your virtual cursor once you join a game if you donít have forms mode set to auto.

This is necessary, so that keyboard input goes straight to the web page.

If you have forms mode set to auto, you shouldnít have any problems.

When you join or create a game, you can check this by pressing the letter z, if the virtual cursor is off, then you should hear the parameters of the game, and you are ready to go.

If the z key causes your screen reader to jump somewhere on the web page or gives any other feedback other than the parameters of the game, then you need to turn off your virtual cursor.

For jaws, simply press insert z. For NVDA press insert space.

Now when you hit z, you should hear the game parameters, for instance if the game hasnít started yet, it will say small blind unknown, large blind unknown.

This sounds way more complicated than it actually is, but using the modern web with screen readers is requiring more and more that the virtual cursor be turned off, and this is another case of this evolution.

Knowing this is helpful in other areas, for instance, if you turn off virtual cursor when watching videos on youtube, you can rewind and fast forward with the arrow keys, as well as adjust the volume, pause with the spacebar, and jump through percentages of the video with the num row keys, such as 5 for 50 percent etc.


Creating and joining games


From the games page, you will find a heading for all active games, simply click the join button to join one of these.

To create a table, click on the create link, select Hold em as the game, then name the table, choose if you want a sag or cash game, set your buy in and timer, and away you go.



Important things to keep in mind:


The interface is now constantly on the BA web site, so you can no longer hit alt f4 to leave a table. In fact, we donít use the function keys at all any more, outside of normal browser functions such as f5 to refresh, or f1 for browser help etc..

If you press alt f4, it will close your browser, and you will need to launch the web site again.

You can always refresh your web browser with control R to get an updated list of tables if someone creates a new game.

To test if you are in the right mode after joining a game, hit the z key.

The game should say who is small and large blind.

If it instead jumps between elements on the web page, such as your name, or the game listing, , you need to turn your virtual cursor off.


 Instead of alt f4, once you finish a game, press shift X to leave the table, and you will be back on the main BA web site.


Playing in tournaments


One of the coolest features of BA is the ability to play in tournaments against dozens of other players.

Depending on the tournament setup, you will be awarded chips based on how well you do in the tournament.

  For instance if the tournament splits chips based on the top three, then 1st place will receive 50 percent of the total entry fee of the tournament, 2nd place will get 30 percent, and 3rd place will get 20 percent.

For example, if the entry fee is 10000, and 20 players sign up, the total purse available is 200000, so if top 3 split, then 1st place would get 100000.

This profit will go into your BA account, and in this way, you accumulate chips as you play and win.

  There are other payout methods as well, such as the Final 9, where all 9 players receive chips, depending on how high they place on the final table.


How to join a tournament


We have regularly scheduled tournaments each week, and you can see the list of upcoming tournaments from the hold em tournaments link on the main BA page.

You can click on the tournament you wish to join, and from that tournament page, you can hit the register button.

Once you register, a seat will be saved for you.

You can take your seat at the given start time for the tournament by clicking the take your seat button.

The first hand of the tournament will be dealt at five minutes past the hour of the start time.

So for instance, if the tournament start time is 8 PM eastern, you can go to the tournament page at 8 and click the take your seat button, and you will be put on your hold em table.

From here you can chat with other players.

At 5 past 8, you will hear the first hand being dealt, and away you go.

Please note that to both register and to take your seat, you will be hitting the relevant button on the tournament page.
Additionally, you have the ability to join the observation room by clicking on join for the table you wish to watch.

In this way, you can watch a friend play if you arenít in the tournament, or if you have busted out.

The tournament keeps the number of players at each table as even as possible, so you will be moved from time to time to another table to keep player numbers even.

As players bust out, the tables will get consolidated to fewer and fewer tables.

For instance, if the tournament has 27 players enter, there will be three tables of 9 players each initially.

Once we get down to 18 players, there will be two tables, and finally one final table of 9.

When we get to the final nine, there will be a five minute break, then action will proceed.


Setting up your own sit and go mini tournament


From the main Blind Adrenaline page, hit enter on create.

This will bring up choices for the type of game you want to create.

Select The parameters for the game, including the name of the table, turn timeout and blind amount.

Finally, select the type of game, either cash or sag.

Hit enter on the create button and youíll take your seat at the table.

When you are ready to start the sag, hit shift s and away you go.


Using the chip machine to get more chips


If you go broke, you can use the chip machine to replenish your account.

To use it you will need to be under 20,000 chips.
If you are under that amount You will see a link to the chip machine at the bottom of the main page.

You will not see the link if you have over 20,000 chips in your account.
Once you click on that link You'll be taken to the chip machine Where you can press S. To spin the wheel.

It works like a slot machine And generates Five random poker cards
††††††††††††††† You will receive chips In varying amounts depending on The hand you generate.

The lowest hand you'll ever get is one pair., pays 200 chips.

If you get two pair, you will receive 1000 chips..
Three of a kind pays 5000 chips, And so forth, up to a royal flush,which pays 200,000 chips.

Once you have generated over 20,000 chips, you will no longer be able to spin.

But whatever amount you have generated at that point, you get to keep in your account.

To check to see how much is in your account at anytime, simply press the ay key.

Just as on the tables, you will need to have the virtual cursor off to use the s and ay commands.


Subscribing to the hold em email list


The hold em list is where announcements are made about upcoming games and tournaments.

You can announce your own cash and sag games here as well.

First, to subscribe, send a blank email to





You will immediately receive a confirmation email back, just reply to that email and you will be subscribed.

No need to put a subject or anything in those messages.


Once subscribed, just send to





and everyone else on the list will see what you post.

There is also a general cards list for discussion of all the games, and general news about BA.

You can subscribe to the BACards list by sending a blank email to:


Stats for hold em hands


Hand Type



High Card


4.74 : 1

One Pair


1.28 : 1

Two Pair


3.26 : 1

Three of a Kind


19.7 : 1



20.6 : 1



32.1 : 1

Full House


37.5 : 1

Four of a Kind


594 : 1

Straight Flush


3,589 : 1

Royal Flush


30,940 : 1


Keyboard commands for Hold em


 Most of these commands are the same as the previous version of Hold em. The main difference is we no longer use the function or tab keys, so some commands have been updated.






Brings up chat window, type a message and hit enter to send, tap twice to send an action




Read your current chip total at this table

P or X

Current pot amount

B or D

Current bet to call

H or S

Your current hand ranking such as two pair or a flush


Blind amount and time for blind level


Call bet


Fold. Press twice quickly to auto fold before your turn


Position info of players, who is large blind etc.


Read out hole cards


Read out flop cards


Read out turn card


Read out river card


Who has the turn


Bet minimum

Number keys

To enter a bet simply type the numbers when it is your turn and hit enter

Control plus num row

Check name, position and chip amount of other players

Shift num row

Review previous chat messages

Control plus shift plus num row

Review previous game output


List ranking of players in sag or tournament

Shift R

Review last hand winners

Shift t

Review cards on table of last hand




Double key commands


Some commands are entered by double pressing a key, for instance to see all of the cards on the table not including your hole cards, press the w key twice quickly.

Here is a list of the double key commands:





Show all cards on the table, minus hole cards


Bet maximum possible chips


Show all players on this table


Show amount of total chips in BA account


Show ranking of players on your own table

Double space

Send an action instead of a chat