Welcome to BA clubhouses


What's a Clubhouse?


A clubhouse is your very own private space for playing games with a select group of members. Each clubhouse is a custom group, and only those members can see and join the games created within their clubhouse. Pretty cool, right?


Clubhouses offer a personalized and exclusive gaming experience with your chosen group of players. You can track your progress, share your victories, and create a sense of camaraderie within your group. The clubhouse system even keeps track of your chips separately from your main Blind Adrenaline account, so you'll have your very own leaderboard to show off!


Accessing Your Clubhouse


Your clubhouse has its own webpage, which you can access using a unique URL. Once there, you can check out the clubhouse leaderboard, showing your fellow members and their chip counts.


Clubhouse Administrators


Each clubhouse has its own team of administrators who manage the group. They can add or remove members and adjust chip counts when necessary.


Transparency: Keeping Things Clear and Fair


One important aspect of our clubhouses is transparency. Any changes made to the clubhouse (adding or removing members, adjusting chip counts, etc.) are permanently recorded in a history log at the bottom of the clubhouse page. This way, everyone knows what's happening, and you can trust that the games are being managed fairly.


The BA League

 For now, the only Clubhouse available will be the BA League so we can get a solid grasp on what works best for the Clubhouses. Later on, we’ll make Clubhouses available to others.

 The BA League Clubhouse is open to all BA members, and we award prizes to tournament top dogs at the end of the year.

 To sign up, email Ché or Megan

And we’ll get you added.

 We also have a low traffic announcement list for the league, to subscribe, send a blank email to: