Our email lists

 These list allow players to get in touch and find out what games are coming up.

 We encourage you to join the lists. We keep them as low traffic and drama free as possible.

 The hold em and spades lists in particular are very helpful for getting announcements about upcoming games and tournaments.


 For all of these lists, just send a blank email to the given address, you will then receive an email from the list. Once you reply to that email, you will be subscribed.


 The BA Hold em list for game announcements.

 Note that this list is only for announcements of upcoming games, or important messages from staff.




 The hold em beta list

 This list is for the discussion of ideas and feedback for the site. All players are invited.



 The spades list

 This list is for the announcement of upcoming spades games:



 The BA community list

 This list is for the discussion of whatever the community wants to talk about. The only boundary is to be respectful.




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