Blind Adrenaline
Hello everyone,
We'd like to introduce you all to a brand-new chat and dating site called Cupid's Arrow, created exclusively for the disabled and by the disabled.
This site is being developed by a blind programmer named Nirandas, who has done a great deal of the programming for Blind Adrenaline.
I am helping him with his site, in exchange for him making some improvements to BA for us.
The site is currently in beta and completely free through the end of February, just in time for Valentine's Day.
Following this, there will still be free trials for new members to check out the site before subscribing.
We've designed the site to be as simple as possible, focusing on making actual connections rather than jumping through hoops, answering lots of questions, and dealing with the clutter and
accessibility issues that sometimes come with other sites. Whether you're just looking to make some new friends or searching for a life partner, Cupid's Arrow is a great place to start.
Come check it out and help us build a great community, and in turn help[ improve the BA site.
To try out Cupid's Arrow for free, go to
By the way, the audio intro there on the main page of the site was done by our very own Scarlett, A.K.A. Megan, who is helping supervise the site launch for Cupid's Arrow, so if you wanna hear what she sounds like, here is your chance.
Also, if you have any questions, or suggestions please email me at
The site is hot off the presses, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all,
Hold 'em registration is open now, click below to jump to registration page:
Hold em tournament page
Action starts at 3 PM eastern, fare thee well.
Cribbage registration opens at 8:00 eastern, you can take your seat at 8:10. Important note: If you haven't taken your seat by 15 after the hour, you will forfeit that game.
This is double elimination, with a 60 second time limit and Muggins on.
If there are an odd number of players for any given round, one person will be selected at random to get a pass to the next round, you can check this at the top of the tables.
May you peg well and may the jacks be with you!